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Interstate high-speed rail a favorable option



I thought that Gov. Brad Henry's call to look at nuclear power again was great (Carol Cole-Frowe, "Mixed green," Gazette, July 14).

There seems to be a favorable reception to that model of interstate high-speed rail operation which I call ICEPack. The marketing director for a major prime contractor was very favorable and suggested that I present it to the Federal Railroad Administration.

He also mentioned that federal funding was not good and even these isolated HSR starts were having trouble. I sent that proposal for funding through the International Monetary Fund, which I wrote after encouragement from others and noted to him that it suggested $52 billion for the 2,600 miles from North Carolina and alluded that it could be increased to include California.

In any case, a line from Lebanon, Tenn., to California with the ability to send those nonstop up and down the coast would be a prime application which would justify itself fully. I also floated that we should parallel it with another Class I line across Oklahoma, and I think that response to it has been good. Right now, all Class I traffic is going through Lubbock, Texas, and Dallas, and I would think that path is reaching saturation if not already there.

"Phil Hughes
Oklahoma City

Hughes, an engineer, is founder of Rail 90.

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