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Irishman masquerading as Gandhi makes Oklahoma tour stop



You're not going crazy. That coffee wasn't laced with something stronger. "Gandhi" did, in fact, take a nice stroll through Oklahoma recently. Or, at least, an Irishman masquerading as Gandhi.

Dermot Butterly, inspired by the words and actions of the famous Indian peace activist, has been making a trek across the U.S. He started in California and has battled deserts in Arizona, freezing rain in Oklahoma and probably some pretty sore dogs as he hoofs it toward Washington, D.C. The peace walk is dubbed "Gandhi Rolling Stone" by Butterly.

He reached Elk City six months into his journey around Christmas, according to his Web site, Butterly commented on the lack of elk in the small, west Oklahoma town and gave a shout out to the peeps at the Elk City Holiday Inn.

Gandhi/Butterly said the nationwide odyssey is his way of trying to make a difference. "I want to see more peace in the world, so I myself must become more peaceful. This walk is the path I have chosen to do my part." Deep, man.

Butterly was born in Ireland, but now resides in Los Angeles. Before getting peaced out by Gandhi, Butterly worked as an actor, singer, handyman and clown.

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