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Iron Sky



The Nazis mistake the landing as a prelude to an invasion, so the Third Reich prepares to strike the earth before the earth can strike it.

Iron Sky has all the makings of a big batch of poor taste. Instead, it’s an inspired goof of a spoof that bridges the worlds of highbrow and lowbrow humor. Its racial jokes — and racial-purity jokes, given the subject matter — are satiric rather than demeaning. Not only is the film fun, but genuinely funny, sometimes to the point of el-oh-elling. Credit goes to Finnish director Timo Vuorensola (the 2005 Star Trek parody, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning) for creating an environment in which the mostly unknown cast members can thrive (although some play it too broad).

Particularly worthy of praise are Christopher Kirby (Daybreakers) as James Washington, the aforementioned black astronaut, and French actress Julia Dietze as Nazi schoolteacher/brain washer Renate Richter, whose allegiance to der führer wanes the more accustomed she grows to the alien soil of the United States.

The effects are fabulous, giving Iron Sky a polish that looks 10 times more expensive than its actual budget, but until the inevitable climax, Vuorensola keeps them second to the story. Sit through all the credits; chances are, you’ll be happy to do so. —Rod Lott

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