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Is Oklahoma's Idol dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback?



Another day, another Carrie Underwood news flash: Over the oh-so-brief holiday break, Chicken-Fried News was relaxing at home, enjoying our Christmas snacks, picking the pieces of wrapping paper from beneath our gnarled fingernails and enjoying some professional football (the Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles matchup), when who should flit across the screen but our own Ms. Underwood! She was glimpsed on the sidelines at Texas Stadium, gettin' all snuggly with newly minted Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.


According to several published reports, including an interview Romo conducted with the Mattoon and Charleston, Ill.-based Journal Gazette/Times-Courier, the pair are officially an item, leaving us to wonder precisely what attracted Romo and Underwood in the first place.


Could it be that Underwood's mysterious, shrinking waistline caught the QB's eye? Who knows " now we're having to add another bureau to our already overcrowded CFN bullpen: Romowood Romance Division.


You heard it here first, folks. Let's just hope Miss Carrie hasn't cursed the Cowboys' astonishing return to form and doomed them to a first-round playoff loss " which is entirely possible judging by their utter thumping at the hands of the Eagles on Christmas Day.

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