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Isn’t it 'Funny'?



If you’re thinking that sitcom story lines were only original 60 years ago, think again: Even then, they were recycled.

To see an adaptation of comedy at its original roots, catch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, presented by Oklahoma City Community College’s Department of Music and Theater Arts.

This musical is based on a Roman comedy written in second-century B.C. Its premise? A servant is offered his freedom in exchange for the task of hooking up his master, Hero, with the girl next door, a virgin who has already been promised to a warrior.

Naturally, there are many hoops to jump through, like Hero’s shrewish mother, henpecked father and the girl’s expectant husband-to-be.

“It has a lot of stock characters,” said director Brent Noel. “It has a lot of things still seen in sitcoms. It’s fastpaced and uses witty, traditional comic devices.”

The theater and music students started working on this production in February. Leads are Taylor Reich as the servant; Scott Whitehead as Hero and Candice Parker as Hero’s love interest.

“The actors are doing a terrific job.

They’re hardworking, young, talented and eager. They’ve been a joy to work with,” said Noel.

OCCC is excited to present Funny Thing, especially since it is their first musical production since Rocky Horror Picture Show in May 2009, also directed by Noel.

Noel said the audience will be excited to hear musical favorites “Comedy Tonight,” “Lovely” and “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid,” under the direction of OCCC musical director, Michael Boyle.

“It’s old-school fun,” said Noel.

“There aren’t a lot of hard-core, social messages; it’s just fun.”

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