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Isn't it ironic



Ronald “Skip” Kelly, OKC councilman for Ward 7, thinks there’s no problem with gay and lesbian city workers being unprotected from hiring discrimination. Evidently, he’s unaware of the problems, since they aren’t apparent. There is no recourse should a gay or lesbian worker have a workplace complaint. That worker would be going out on a limb, and that’s exactly the problem Mr. Kelly prefers to ignore or is encouraging to continue.

Ironic, isn’t it, that a member of a minority reviled for centuries as being worthy only of existing as chattel for another race to buy and sell is obstructing the already legal recognition of another minority that has historically been reviled and segregated?

Mr. Kelly apparently led a majority of the council members to vote to defer Shadid’s resolution. Mr. Kelly clearly wasn’t paying attention in school.

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—James Nimmo
Oklahoma City

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