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It sucks asphalt



We've learned three things from Reader's Digest this year:

"The magazine seemingly is required reading for every dentist's office and the guest bathroom of any senior citizen's home.
"Laughter really is the best medicine!
"You suck, Interstate 44.

In its April issue, Reader's Digest runs down the best, worst and deadliest roads in America, and guess who made the "worst" list? Oh, c'mon, guess. That's right: Oklahoma.

Chicken-Fried News supposes we at least can take pride in not landing on the "deadliest" list (eat it, Montana!), but the Will Rogers Turnpike, aka I-44, is singled out as one of the country's seven "worst."

The mag quotes Tulsa traffic reporter Jeff Brucculeri (well, not since May 2008, according to his LinkedIn page, but we'll let that slide) on the highway: "I've never driven from Tulsa to the Missouri state line when all four lanes were open the whole way. There is always " always " a mile or two where a lane is closed and you have to merge. I keep wondering, when do we get to pay and use the thing?"

We nominate Brucculeri as the worst possible source to quote on the issue, because merging seems to be the least of our state's road woes, and because he actually wants to pay money to drive on them. You already do, Jeff: They're called taxes.

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