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It’s about gun rights for everyone



No word yet on whether laser-gun noises are similarly protected.

Kern wants to bring some “common sense” to the school administrations
in Oklahoma. You see, little Timmy (not his real name) got in lots of
trouble for eating a Pop-Tart so what was left of it resembled a gun and
then waving it at a classmate like little thugs do. This bill, named
The Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act, aims to save other children from
the same fate.

bill goes on to protect children who bring toy weapons to school,
simulate weapons with their fingers or pencils and wear clothing that
celebrates their Second Amendment rights.

Not only does the bill suggest
that children not be punished, it is also worded to protect children
from teachers that would “humiliate, intimidate, be condescending to or
bully a student” over such issues.

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