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It's Complicated



I don't have a prejudice against movies like this "It's Complicated""? writer/director Nancy Meyers likes making romantic comedies with a sharper than usual edge "? but I do have a small prejudice against the characters in them. I'm just making that clear up front.

Jane (Meryl Streep, "Doubt") and Jake (Alec Baldwin, TV's "30 Rock") were married for 19 years and have now been divorced for 10. They don't see much of each other "? she owns an upscale pastry shop and he's a lawyer who's now married to the much younger woman, Agnes (Lake Bell, "What Happens in Vegas"), with whom he had the affair that ruined his relationship with Jane.

But they do meet again in New York, where their son Luke (Hunter Parrish, TV's "Weeds") is graduating from college. Also in attendance are the other kids from the marriage, Gabby (Zoe Kazan, "Revolutionary Road"), Lauren (Caitland Fitzgerald, "Taking Woodstock"), and Lauren's fianc


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