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Jack my ride



A group of high school students from Jenks had quite the memorable prom last week.According to an AP report, the Jenks kids rented a limo for their special night. Lucky. Bucky's mom drove him and his date to prom in her ultra-cool green Aerostar minivan.

But maybe, reading The AP report, not so lucky. At least Mama Bucky (mother of CFN's intern) was there to pick up her son at the end of the night.

As the Jenks prom-goers hopped out of their rented limo from Galaxy Limo, an unidentified man jumped into the driver's seat and rumbled off.

Landon Wiland, one of the kids heading for the prom thought the limo had just been stolen. "Our limo is getting carjacked," he reportedly said, according to The AP.

No. Not stolen. Repossessed.

Yup, a repo man came for a limo being used by prom kids. At least he didn't show up to claim the ride from a funeral procession.

Jim Nicolotti, owner of Galaxy Limo, said it was all just a misunderstanding, telling AP he had worked out his issues with his bank, but no one thought to tell the repo man that. Nicolotti said he plans on giving the kids a free rental or partial refund.

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