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Jake Stays Awake - Michael Wright



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As a parent of stubborn and often close-minded 2-year-old, I can sadly relate to the dilemma facing the mother and father of the title character in "Jake Stays Awake." He's a boy who thinks he can't get to sleep without being in their bed. "This drove his parents straight up a tree. They had a bed made for two, not made for three," rhymes Michael Wright.

Thus, Jake sleeps just fine between his folks, even if they do not. After all, it's hard to do when your kid's toes are up your nose, and each of his fists grasp Crayola crayons. The sleep-deprived couple spends the rest of the book trying to find alternative places for the family to slumber, before Jake arrives at a most wonderful solution on his own.

Buoyantly written and drawn in an exaggerated cartoon style, "Jake Stays Awake" is a fun, funny look at a problem that plagues most parents. Although a little expensive for such a short read, kids will get a kick out of Wright's nearly musical phrasing and silly illustrations. And hopefully they'll get the message to let Mom and Dad be.

"?Rod Lott

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