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Jeopardy!' hits Oklahoma classrooms with donated games



The syndicated television game show "Jeopardy!" has teamed up with Devon Energy and KFOR-TV Channel 4 to donate 15 "Jeopardy!"-inspired educational computer programs per month to classrooms around the state.


Kelly Miyahara, a "'Jeopardy!' Clue Crew" correspondent, visited Mark Twain Elementary School on Tuesday, demonstrating the "Classroom Jeopardy!," an electronic, educational version of the show. The interactive computer program can be suited for specific curriculum defined by the educator while still including the familiar excitement of the buzzers, theme song and voices of the show.


Miyahara said that the electronic version of the show is not only enjoyable to use for both students and teachers, but an interactive tool worthy of students' classroom time.


"It is really neat to see how excited the kids get about learning, while watching them develop both their social and team skills," Miyahara said. "The important thing is the fact that the kids are getting excited about learning ... whether they realize it's learning or not."



Alan Marcum, Devon vice president and corporate comptroller, said Devon Energy is proud to be sponsoring a program that will enrich deserving classrooms throughout the state.


"It is important that teachers have the tools and technology necessary to help their students succeed. By sponsoring 'Classroom Jeopardy!,' we are making an investment in the future leaders of our state, our community and our businesses," Marcum said.


For more information regarding "Classroom Jeopardy!," call (310) 244-6517 or visit their site. "Joanna Rus

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