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Jerky judge returns



Oh, and how it does indeed please the court.

You may remember Thompson from his previous CFN starring roles in “Here comes the judge, again,” “Pumped for the truth,” “Gripping testimony” and “Dishonorable discharge.”

2004, Thompson was accused of using a penis pump during court hearings,
shaving his scrotum on the bench during closing arguments, and
masturbating on the bench during a civil case against OPUBCO. We know
the metro daily newspaper business is exciting, but … just … wow.

was convicted of indecent exposure in 2006 after former employees, law
officers and others testified that he had used the penis pump (which he
said he got as a gag gift for his 50th birthday) while sitting on the
bench during four trials.

he was sentenced to four years in prison, he was released after 20
months, registered as a sex offender and was disbarred in 2008.

Thompson made headlines again in 2008 after being arrested for DUI, after a state trooper stopped to help him with a flat tire.

Seriously, until now, we thought we had milked this thing dry. But the downward spiral has obviously not yet hit rock bottom.

March 3, Thompson, 64, was arrested in Sapulpa on a complaint of
allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend, according police records obtained
by The Smoking Gun.

to the police report, an officer assisting Thompson’s exgirlfriend with
a flat tire, spotted Thompson in a vehicle watching the woman with
binoculars. According to the report, she had gone through 23 tires in
the past two years because they were being slashed. (Does anyone have a
pump she can borrow?) An officer approached and questioned Thompson, who
told police he “just wanted to see what was going on.”

But when the former judge got out of the vehicle, the officer observed that his pants were unzipped and “gapping open.”

report states that the ex-girlfriend had in February filed a complaint
against Thompson after she allegedly caught him peeping in her window,
the report states.

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