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Jesus, take the worm



If it's been your dream to see Checotah's country music queen depicted as a non-arthropod invertebrate animal " and let's face it, who doesn't share it? " you're going to want to set your TiVo for March 17, April 8 and April 26.

That's when Carrie Underworm " a creepy, puppet version of Carrie Underwood " will reappear on the children's staple "Sesame Street." The character made its debut last Thursday, as introduced by NASCAR driver/red-state messiah Jeff Gordon.

In that initial segment, Underworm sang the cleverly titled "The Worm Anthem," whose lyrics included such proud boastings as, "I can wiggle, I can squiggle, I can squirm ... I'm just pleased as punch to be a worm." Then she was promptly consumed by Oscar the Grouch in one gulp, and she nestled in his intestinal tract, twisting her body into a figure eight and various letters of the alphabet.

We might have made that last sentence up.

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