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JJ's Alley Bricktown Pub hosts free concert



A handful of the metro's best singer/songwriters will convene Saturday for a free, daylong "Bricktown Unplugged" concert at JJ's Alley Bricktown Pub.

The small bar will open at 10 a.m. and fill its upstairs and downstairs stages with a rotating lineup of local musicians. Performances will be staggered, so when one musician wraps up their set, another will strike up immediately on the other stage. More than a dozen acts, including Lisa Curl, Camille Harp, Scott Keeton, Travis Linville, Justin Witte and Mike Hosty, will perform Saturday at the club, which is wedged between a building and a parking garage at 212 E. Sheridan.

"We really got lucky and found a space that was really unique, which used to be an actual alleyway from Sheridan to the ballpark," said co-owner Jeff Rodgers. "Around 2004, it was bricked in and became the space that it is now. The whole thing is just 13-foot-wide upstairs and downstairs. A lot of the atmosphere is due to the space we have; you can't help but get to know the person next to you."

Rodgers added that much of JJ's clientele has been built by positive word of mouth from customers not expecting such an intimate venue in the area. He said the "Bricktown Unplugged" concert is designed to draw audiences that might be hesitant to seek out roots or acoustic music in Bricktown.

"We are really proud of the list of musicians that play here regularly," he said. "We thought we would do 'Bricktown Unplugged' to grab people's attention, to attract those music lovers that haven't discovered our place yet."

For more information, call 605-4543. "Charles Martin

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