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Since 1928, the Oklahoma City Gridiron Club annually has roasted newsmakers, both local and national, and this year’s satirical show is no exception.

Audiences of More Obama Drama or Oklahoma is Well Red can expect only the most outlandish from the volunteer troupe of media professionals, said Andrew Harris, chief executive of advertising agency Liquid Media.

Sketches will range from a “Hallelujah” chorus tribute to the Hobby Lobby contraception battle to an ensemble of Gov. Mary Fallin dancers grooving to “Gangnam Style,” he said, but President Barack Obama’s re-election takes center stage.

“Washington has provided us with a wide array of items to make fun of this year,” Harris said.

Other state targets include the new Interstate 40 Crosstown Expressway and local meteorologist Gary England, played by Harris.

Traditionally, state representatives, lobbyists and elected officials turn out for the show, he said.

“It’s a lot of fun to have the politicians just feet away from you while you’re mocking them,” Harris said. “It’s not hateful; it’s clever and witty, and quite frankly, they deserve it.”

The show’s proceeds fund scholarships awarded to journalism students attending Oklahoma colleges and universities.

“We are trying to encourage them to stay here in Oklahoma,” Harris said. “We want to keep the journalism quality up.”

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