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Journey to the Center of the Earth



Reviewer's grade: D-

Brendan Fraser ("The Air I Breathe") stars as Trevor Anderson, a scientist struggling to keep his 10-years-missing brother's lab functioning. When some evidence comes to light about the brother's possible whereabouts, Trevor takes his nephew (Josh Hutcherson, "Bridge to Terabithia") with him to Iceland, where they meet a hot mountaineer (Anita Briem) and subsequently fall into a crazy underground adventure.

Built around a high falutin' new 3D technology, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" contains an incredibly thin story, which requires a Herculean suspension of disbelief to follow. There might actually be more plot holes than there is plot, which is sort of unintentionally impressive. But really, it's just so super stupid.

 If you don' t care about the story and just want to see glowing birds and dinosaur snot come out of the screen, more power to you, but make sure the theater you go to offers the 3D glasses (not all of them do). PG

"?Mike Robertson


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