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JT on the DL



Oh, Olivia. Sweet, innocent, Okie Olivia. Fell for the ol' "we're broken up, I swear" line. Hey, don't worry, we've all been there.

Except this wasn't some OU undergrad falling for some frat boy's ham-fisted advances. This was geek pin-up Olivia Munn allegedly believing Justin Timberlake when he apparently pinkie-swore that he and Jessica Biel were donezo.

According to The Superficial, who was quoting Us Weekly, who was quoting an anonymous source (oy!), Munn " who now brings the quasi-LOLs on "The Daily Show" " met JT in NYC. The singer-turned-serious-actor chatted her up, but Munn wasn't having any of it, not while she thought he was still with Biel, according to the source. But, don't worry, baby, the Biel is history. At least that's what Timberlake reportedly
told Munn.

And sweet, innocent Olivia believed him "¦ and took him back to her room at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel where the source told Us Weekly they "had amazing sex." That source certainly has some insider knowledge, huh?

But what could have been the start of something beautiful (or maybe just some more of that awesome one-on-one time) was cut short when Munn reportedly uncovered JT's deception. Yup, still
with Biel.

Munn, an Oklahoma City native, stopped the dallying right away. And good thing, too " we mean, have you seen the She-Hulk that is Biel? Girl has got some guns. She probably would've challenged Munn to an arm-wrestling contest or something, and nothing good could have come of that. Although, now that we think about it "¦ No. Never mind. It's a good thing Munn stepped away from the JT when she did.

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