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Judge orders reopening of Terrill's bankruptcy case

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A federal bankruptcy judge has ordered state Rep. Randy Terrill's 2005 bankruptcy case be reopened.

U.S. District Judge T.M. Weaver handed down his order on Thursday. The ruling comes after Terrill's bankruptcy trustee made the request back in July. The trustee " John D. Mashburn "alleges an $11,301 loan Terrill made to his 2004 election funds was not reported in his bankruptcy case.

Judge Weaver made his ruling after no objections or responses to Mashburn's request were filed.

When the bankruptcy case was filed in 2005, 16 creditors were listed with claims including Capitol One, Chase, American Honda Finance and Dish Network. Terrill listed his assets at the time as $43,250 and liabilities of $78,179. The case was closed in 2006.

Terrill, R-Moore, easily won his primary bid to serve another term in the state Legislature on July 29. He now faces Democrat Troy Green in the November general election for House District 53.

"It is clear that a personal and private financial matter is being exploited for political gain," Terrill said. "If you notice, we did not object. We have repeatedly said that my wife and I don't have any problem with them taking a second look. We didn't file any counter-filings. It's taking a cheap shot at my wife to cause political harm. This is about as dirty, nasty, sleazy and as low it gets in politics.""Scott Cooper and Ben Fenwick

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