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Judy Wesselhoft and the diatribe



This letter regards Judy Wesselhoft's Dec. 16, 2009, letter "Kids deserve better" and the diatribe directed toward it as published in the Jan. 6 Gazette. Just more than 30 years ago, Time magazine ran a cover story proclaiming the world was entering into a new league.

Considering the estimated age of the earth, 30 years is a very short time. It's amazing how things can change so fast. But considering all the money that is being made writing about global warming, maybe it's not quite that amazing.

On the issue of evolution, if your dog gets sick and you take it to the vet, do you really care if the vet believes the dog's ancestors were once wolves, pigs or rats? Of course not. Your concern is the vet's ability to nurse your dog back to health. Perhaps these thousands of scientists now studying evolution should be concerned less over from where something sprung and more concerned about how their scientific research and discoveries can actually benefit mankind as we exist today.

After attending school for 13 years, high school graduates should have a basic concept of math, reading and writing skills, some understanding of history and geography, and the ability to speak the "King's English" at least as well as many of our international students for whom English is their secondary language. Sadly, many of our graduating students today lack these skills, due to our increasingly weak educational system. Indeed, Judy is right. Our kids do deserve better.

"Martin Morelli
Oklahoma City

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