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It’s fair to say that your body is probably a little bit addicted, and drinking a bunch of juice doesn’t sound appealing, or even possible.

That’s where Vidya can assist you. 

“If a longer juice fast sounds too intimidating, take it one day at a time,” said founder Claire Ragozzino. “Starting out with a one-day fast is not only a great way to get acquainted with cleansing, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to routinely cleanse your body and give rest to your digestive system.”

The Oklahoma City resident said she’s there to be a guide and a coach through a seemingly daunting task. 

“I guide you through the whole process, so you have support and accountability throughout the program,” she said. “My cleanse programs are more than just drinking juice. They are holistic nutrition programs that get you thinking about your health.”

Ragozzino said her juices are 100 percent organic, and she provides cleanse supplements and handcrafted healing Ayurvedic teas made for specific body types. 

“I use a special machine that cold-presses the juice, decreasing the amount of oxidation and preserving the highest possible enzyme content in the process,” she said. 

Ragozzino conducts workshops at local yoga studios and offers customized individual cleanses or guided group cleanses. 

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