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Reviewer's grade: C-


Might as well jump ... to whatever's playing next door at the multiplex, should your ticket stub read "Jumper." Although this problem-plagued production (its leads were replaced two months into filming) isn't a disaster, a mess is still a mess. Anti-actor Hayden Christensen ("Awake") plays a young man who can teleport himself in the blink of an eye, out of danger and atop world monuments.


Who among us hasn't wanted to enjoy a Subway footlong while sitting in a beach chair on the head of the Great Sphinx of Giza? While he largely uses this power for good (or at least to catch the best surf waves), he also uses it to bankroll a lavish lifestyle, and his crimes bring him to the attention of a man (Samuel L. Jackson, still slumming) whose job it is to extinguish these "jumpers."


Ninety minutes feels like, oh, 120, so look (for something better to see) before you leap. —Rod Lott

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