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Jury sentences Oklahoma man for setting girlfriend's house ablaze



So, what are the options after arguing with your significant other? There's the silent treatment, drinking it all away with a buddy (a CFN personal fave), making up with flowers or a six-pack. Great options.

What's possibly a less great option? Setting fire to your girlfriend's house. Yeah, somehow we don't see that couple laughing about it years down the road.

Jack Allen Hastings, a 35-year-old from Muskogee, was sentenced to five years in prison in Arkansas after setting his girlfriend's Fort Smith, Ark., house ablaze, according to The Associated Press.

According to AP, Hastings and his lady love argued July 2, and Hastings set the house on fire July 3. But, at least he was a gentleman about it: He called the girlfriend at work and gave her the helpful tip to call 911 since her house was ablaze.

Could you say the relationship went up in flames, it crashed and burned, it lost that early fire (we're here all week, folks)? OK, CFN Comedy Tour complete.

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