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Just a small-town girl



The 16th season of TV’s“The Bachelor” boasts an Oklahoma City resident on the prowl for the heart of Mr. Ben Flajnik. Seriously, ABC, you staked one of your biggest reality shows on a guy with an unpronounceable last name?

But we digress. Red-haired Jennifer, whose last name is yet to be given on-air, is a 28-year-old OKC accountant who grew up in Cache, just west of Lawton. She made it past the initial cut that reduced the number of Bachelorettes from 25 to 18 by telling Flajnik (hee-hee, Flajnik) that “zero” was the number of times she’d been arrested. (As of press time, she’s survived all the rose ceremonies.)

Being from the 10,000-some-odd populated Sonoma, Calif., hardly qualifies Flajnik as a “city boy,” and it’s certainly nowhere near “south Detroit,” but who knows? Maybe the pair will wind up on a “midnight train goin’ anywhere” on their first solo date. That’s a journey we’d like to see.

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