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Just the ticket



With his convincing delivery of the line, "Sorry, officer, I'm unfamiliar with this area of town and got lost," CFN intern Bucky has never gotten a speeding ticket. (His uncanny skill at eyelash-batting also may have something to do with that.)

Other Oklahomans aren't nearly as lucky. And now we have proof.

According to the National Motorists Association, Oklahoma is 18th on the list of states most likely to hand out a ticket for a traffic violation. Florida tops the list (we're guessing all those slooooow-driving and/or nearly blind retirees), followed by Georgia and Nevada tied at No. 2.  
Our neighbor to the immediate south, Texas, is No. 4. This is one of the rare times we're cool with the Lone Star State placing higher than us on a list. Our neighbor to the immediate north, Kansas, lands at No. 24.  

And last? Montana. No wonder " hell, a third of that state is just shiny mountains.

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