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Justice League: The New Frontier





As the second in a new line of animated features based on DC Comics characters, "Justice League: The New Frontier" is impressive, proving that just because it's not live-action doesn't mean it's not exciting and doesn't mean it's just for kids.


The PG-13 film adapts Darwyn Cooke's acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, itself a cinematic affair in which a Cold War-era America already jittery over the prospect of a nuclear winter finds itself quite cold toward all these superheroes flying around. But an alien menace that brings together a slew of do-gooders "? including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern "? to protect and serve eventually changes the nation's mind-set.


Since it can't quite capture the book's epic scope in 75 minutes, the smartest thing "New Frontier" could do would be to capture Cooke's character design "? one that leans toward angular, retro-style features. The film does so, with bright, bold colors reflective of the original pages, and with a pop-art opening-credits sequence culling from the series' original covers.


The animation is smooth, and the extras are plentiful, with a documentary of the Justice League's history, three bonus "Justice League" episodes, a look at the upcoming "Batman: Gotham Knight" anime and much more. 


"?Rod Lott


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