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KD to the Izzo


Credit: Brad Gregg

Not impressed yet? OK, how about a sports-management agency on the cusp of signing one of the NBA’s elite superstars?

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is leaving Landmark Sports, his representation for the last year or so, to join Mr. Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

The move would come as quite the coup for Roc Nation, whose client list includes, among others, New York Yankees slugger Robinson Cano and Giants wideout Victor Cruz. Yet KD would be the company’s first NBA signee since it formed earlier this year.

also kind of a big deal for Durant, who has an opportunity to work with
a figure he’s idolized since childhood. Not to mention, Jay is somewhat
of a marketing wizard, and having the Roc Nation tag attached to your
name can only be good for your brand.

we here at Chicken-Fried News wholeheartedly endorse the move — unless,
of course, there is “Reasonable Doubt” to the contrary. It is a “Hard
Knock Life,” after all. Really, they just need to follow “The Blueprint”
and the competition will be forced to merely “Watch the Throne.”

OK, we’re done.

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