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Keep on thinking



In answer to Jim Nichols' letter ("Cooperation worked," Sept. 27, Gazette), he should have kept on thinking. Had there been a Chilean Environmental Protection Agency, likely there would have not been a cave-in. There were plenty of lawyers, representing the miners' families. At last count, they were shopping their story for $20 million.

A government investigation is likely, but seeing that Chile is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate barons, who want to (and are likely to) control America, I don't expect much in the way of fines, charges or changes.

Here in America, Sarah Palin would have blamed the miners, the Bush family would have ignored it and Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce would have raised money to elect (read "buy") legislators to pass laws prohibiting lawsuits, new rules or changes in safety and health. That's the real America, soon to be sucking us dry and endangering our health.

"Larry Stem
Oklahoma City

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