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Key evidence in McCarty case does not match defendant



Oklahoma Gazette has confirmed a key piece of evidence in a 25-year-old murder case does not match the defendant.
Twice convicted and sentenced to death three times for the crime, Curtis Edward McCarty awaits trial for the 1982 killing of Pamela Kaye Willis.
Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater told Gazette a footprint was not a match for McCarty.
Prosecutors came across new evidence they wanted tested for comparison to McCarty in February. The new evidence included a footprint found on the victim's body and some of the victim's fingernail clippings. 
However, Prater's office is unsure of the quality of the footprint evidence. Despite the print not matching, the evidence may not meet admissibility standards.
His office still await the results of DNA testing being conducted on the fingernail clippings.
The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals reversed his most recent conviction and death sentence and ordered a new trial set to begin May 21.
Oklahoma County District Judge Twyla Mason Gray has scheduled a hearing next Friday to receive an update on the case. -Scott Cooper


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