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Kill ’Em All



Then, Saw-style, eight of them wake up locked in a dingy warehouse room dubbed The Killing Chamber, where hit men are taken to die. All of them are assassins, but only one will be allowed to leave after rounds and rounds of glorious mortal combat. So says Snakehead (Gordon Liu, the '70s martial-arts superstar experiencing a late-career renaissance through the likes of Kill Bill and The Man with the Iron Fists), whose voice barks through the speakers to issue various challenges with a chilling warning: "Comply or die."

Each expert killer is slightly different from one another, if only to broaden the pic's global appeal; we get Asians, a Frenchman, a Yank. To further shake things up, one contestant is fat, another is female; one specializes in explosives, while another is mentally handicapped.

Admittedly, this multiculti effort by Bangkok Adrenaline helmer Raimund Huber would get pretty dull to all but patrons of pay-per-view fights if it stayed confined to a single spot. Fear not: He expands the playing field, as well as hurls in new obstacles with abandon. You like ninjas? So do I! Well, there are ninjas.

As one player puts it, "Sounds like a really, really good video game." Yeah, yeah, but I'd rather watch than actually play. —Rod Lott

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