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Killer weed could extend from Florida to Oklahoma



We haven't trusted a plant since our childhood days, watching Saturday-afternoon airings of the Sixties sci-fi film "The Day of the Triffids," and now a new report from Mother Earth News suggests our suspicions may be justified.


An article titled "The Weed from Hell" discusses the "killer" weed known as the tropical soda apple. Originating in Brazil and discovered in Florida, the weed can grow up to six feet tall and destroys acreages at a rate faster than Angelina Jolie does marriages. In 1990, Florida lost 25,000 acres to it; three years later, that grew to 400,000.


We know what you're thinking: "And I care why?" Answering that for you is Jeff Mullahey, a range scientist with the University of Florida: "We think it will grow as far north as Virginia. It may make it into parts of Oklahoma."


Oklahoma?!? Run for the hills! Or better yet, ride horseback outta town, because the report states that the weed's prickly stems have felled a couple of horses who dared consume it, from "punctured intestines."


On the plus side, if youths choose to smoke it, it could spell the end of jam bands like Widespread Panic.

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