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Kings of everything



A young woman went to Key Arena on March 28 to see the Okie-tied rockers, probably jammed out to “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” and then walked away with measles.

As a precaution, the Washington State Department of Health even published the woman’s schedule online so that those who were in her vicinity that day can take the proper measures to, you know, not get measles.

She didn’t actually contract the virus at the concert, though. Authorities suspect she did so March 26 while visiting family in British Columbia. So no, Kings of Leon’s music didn’t really give her the measles.

People are generally protected from the virus either through vaccination or by having it as a child. Either way, the broader point remains:

Measles can be deadly, so either vaccinate your children ... or don’t let them go to Kings of Leon concerts.

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