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Knocked Up: Unrated




Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up" is many things: quite filthy, often funny and sometimes sad. And now that it's out on DVD in a two-disc, unrated edition, it's at least filthier.

Co-scripter Seth Rogen makes for an unlikely leading man in Ben Stone, a perpetually stoned loser who somehow lucks into a one-night stand with a beautiful, career-minded television exec, played by Katherine Heigl. On the downside, their unlikely act of coupling gets her pregnant.

Rather than submit to a "smushmortion," the two agree to have the kid, as well as give each other a try, despite their incredible differences.

Like Apatow's "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" finds uproarious laughter in profane situations, yet wins brownie points by exhibiting an equal amount of heart. It's not as funny or sharp as "Virgin," and is hampered by a too-long running time, not to mention that I never found the central relationship believable.

But the extras make this good movie somewhat better, with a mind-boggling selection of deleted scenes, alternate takes and whatnot that shows why the Apatow name is currently the most reliable brand in modern American film comedy (including this summer's superior "Superbad"). A lot of fun lies in the documentary featurettes, some of which are purposely —? and wonderfully —? phony. —Rod Lott

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