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Kool-Aid’s global warming flavor



fellow graduate geologist I know believes that Mother Nature plays, by
far and away, the most important role with regard to the fate of our
planet and universe. This is especially evident before man made his

Now then,
Robin may have 16,000 ministers, movie actors and Occupy Wall Street
types supporting his view, but I have seen (and signed) a petition
containing signatures of more than 16,000 degreed scientists in such
fields as chemistry, astrophysics, geology, astronomy and so forth, who
do not believe man is causing global warming.

like Robin can cause severe economic harm and hardship for their fellow
human beings if their rants are followed before they are exposed for
following false prophets.

makes waste, and foolish decisions need to be avoided before all of the
facts are evaluated with regard to man-made global warming or other
environmental concerns.

—Mickey McVay, Edmond

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