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KWTV News 9 set makes its way to YouTube



If watching the local TV news sometimes has you wishing you were on angel dust, save your brain cells and instead experience a comedy high, courtesy of a four-minute, locally shot short film making its way across those Internets.


"The News" is a parody of just that, "as seen through the eyes of a PCP addict," according to its page on YouTube. The description for the video notes it was shot on a KWTV News 9 set.


With a most disturbing sound track, the exercise in the absurd features a bearded anchorman in drag, dressed in trash, delivering a segment called "Penny for My Thoughts." There's also the wonderfully paranoid "Dangerous Animal Report," warning viewers of flying scorpion outbreaks and the like ("Everybody in SmithCounty, get out your hammers! There's a warm front of bees! Looks like the flyswatters won't work with these bees " they're made of metal!").


And then there's the screaming. Oh, yes, the screaming.


With its intentional nonsensical approach, "The News" successfully skewers its target. Even took notice, including it on its list of "creative highlights" of 2006.


Wrote Mike Rubenstein of The Barbarian Group in that list, "We've pretty much been laughing at that video nonstop for three solid months now, encouraging each other to eat pennies."


To see the clip, visit and do a search for "news spiders gross PCP." It should be the first thing that pops up. If not, there's clearly something wrong with this world.

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