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L.A. not-so-confidential



They’ll help Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook represent the Western Conference in their annual tussle with the east this year, but it looks like things might be a little awkward in the All-Star locker room, as Bryant exchanged a lot of words with James Harden (who out-shot Bryant while defending him) and Durant. Watch for yourself:

That’s a whole lot of mess they’re talking, but CFN applauds Durant and Harden for keeping their cool. CFN also understands Kobe’s anger, as it likely stemmed from his low-post attempt at the basket getting the sweet, buttery bejeezus swatted out of it by Serge Ibaka. And, you know, that he shot the ball 24 times all evening and only made it in the hoop seven of them.

But it was the talk after the game that got real nasty. Lakers beat guy Kevin Ding later tweeted that Kobe said “Maybe one day they’ll be able to sit at my lunch table,” of the exchange with Durant and Harden.

At this point, CFN would like to offer the reader a “Choose your own ending” to this adventure:

Option #1: “Oh, and which lunch table would that be? The one for people acquitted of rape?

Option #2: “But how's Kobe going to pay for food when the Thunder stole his lunch money last night?”

Option #3: “Ouch. But on the bright side, Bryant sure makes Chris Brown look like Tim Tebow!”

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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