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How Marty Morelli (Letters, “Reader: ‘Hitler was a progressive’”) can reconcile his claims that liberals and progressives are Nazis and Fascists with the fact that Jewish leaders have played a prominent role in liberal and progressive causes is laughable. 

This is not to say that Jews are only liberals and progressives. There are just as many highly respected members of the Jewish community who are political conservatives. The mistake that anyone makes in this non-debate is to apply blanket labels of “Nazi,” “Communist” or any other such assignation to any group of people who are of one political persuasion or another.

Unlike some on my side of the fence, I do not make comparisons between political conservatives and the hated Fascist regimes of Italy, Germany and Spain in the 20th century. I do feel that many on the conservative side invite those comparisons when they make statements or propose legislation or policies that isolate, denigrate, seek to disenfranchise or otherwise deny liberty and freedom to any group of people based on their religious beliefs, or their national or ethnic origin, or their political affiliation, or their gender or sexual orientation.

Hitler, by the way, not only murdered 6 million Jews, but millions of trade unionists, social democrats, liberals, gypsies, homosexuals, ethnic and racial minorities, and anyone who basically got in his regime’s way. He was not interested in social justice; he was a megalomaniac and a racist who wanted power. The industrial and financial elite of Germany were all too happy to bankroll him and his party. They were no friends of socialists, trade unionists or Jews, either.

—Glen Garcia

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