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Last call for Stage Center?



Johansen won an award from The American Institute of Architects for his work on the building in 1972.

Investments Inc. paid $4.2 million to the Oklahoma City Community
Foundation for the theater last July and has plans to build a
14-16-story office tower (which will be home to the new OGE Energy Corp.
headquarters) and an 8-12-story apartment building or hotel, a $100
million project, in its place — because we really need another one of
those eyesores dotting the skyline.

Stage Center was forced to close its doors in 2010 after a heavy summer rainstorm left the building with extensive flood damage.

of late December, there had been no formal protests to the demolition
submitted to the city. However, Preservation Oklahoma started an online
petition at and will present it to the committee
before the Jan. 16 meeting.

addition, OKC planners recommended that the razing application be
denied, citing design ordinance guidelines stating that buildings with
historical significance — whether at national, state or city level — be
maintained with “ as much of the original fabric as possible ...
intact,” according to

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