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Late-night outfits around campus cater to students



Caffeine is the ambrosia of college, the sweet nectar of life that carries students through all-night cram sessions and helps rejuvenate them after an evening of heavy socializing.

Once, small coffee joints and grease pits populated the outskirts of college campuses. Chain restaurants and coffee giants have gobbled up many of those small diners, but there are still local havens for late-night caffeine fixes.

"The difference between a community and a corporate shop is the ambience and we spend more time getting to know the clientele," said Jorge Hernandez, owner of Java Joint, near Southern Nazarene University in Bethany. "We talk about their family and they talk about ours. Local coffee shops are run by friends, family and local people, so we are also more apt to becoming community-involved."

The Pita Pit in Norman " nestled in Campus Corner, facing the University of Oklahoma " entertains the studious lunch crowds, and then at night, the revelers. The Pit doesn't lock its doors until 4 a.m.

"For people who've been drinking all night, this is easy on the stomach," Mick Naden, general manager, said. "You go out all night long, you have shots and beers and beers and beers. You get a triple cheeseburger, it's not the best thing for your stomach at that time." "Charles Martin

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