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A Buddhist temple in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, offers quickie "reincarnation" sessions in which people climb into "coffins," "die" while a priest's chants chase away the evil spirits of the old person, who is then "reborn" as someone different. The temple has nine such coffins to serve the long lines of optimists (who must stand well back while waiting, so as not to absorb the "dying" people's escaping evilness), many of whom adhere to predestination beliefs based on one's name and time of "birth," according to a September New York Times dispatch.

Spiritual Rulings: The highest ranking Muslim authority in the Turkish province of Adana declared in August that observing the fasting requirement of Ramadan could be assisted by the use of medical "patches" that reduced hunger pangs.

In September, Chad Hardy released the 2009 version of his Men on a Mission calendar, which features photos of young, shirtless Mormon men, intended, he said, to help his church overcome its image of being stodgy, and he said he plans a female version for 2010: Hot Mormon Muffins. (In July, Hardy was excommunicated for producing the 2008 Men on a Mission calendar.)

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