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Lawnmower man



Or is it? OKC man Phil Ray Gage, 40, told he’s been mowing at that time for nearly a decade without any complaints from neighbors. In fact, he was just finishing up mowing a neighbor’s lawn when the coppers showed up a few weeks ago.

Someone, it seemed, had called in a complaint, and Gage was arrested for disturbing the peace. So which disgruntled neighbor was it?

“We all know each other,” Gage said about the possible neighborly suspects. “We watch out for each other’s houses. I have phone numbers for just about all my neighbors except for the guy that lives across the street. I don’t know him as well.”

Do we have our rat? Either way, Gage was cited for disturbing the peace and released at the scene. Gage, who is a carpenter and said the early-morning mowing is simply what fits best in his schedule, is still surprised by how everything went down.

“When the officer came up to me, she asked me if I knew it was illegal to mow at that time of day,” he reportedly said. “I thought she was cracking a joke. Then she told me to get up against the car, and she put cuffs on me.”

According to the story, the neighbor couldn’t be reached for comment, but we have a feeling they’d change their tune if Gage turned his mowing eyes toward their yard.

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