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Least Competent Criminals



Failed to Keep a Low Profile: If a motorist is carrying $18,000 worth of marijuana, he might try to avoid attracting attention (and not go the wrong way on a one-way street, as Samuel Randall, 27, did in Chicago in January).

Or if carrying a duffel bag full of marijuana, not driving around in a car that lacked license plates, like the four women arrested in San Antonio in November.

Or if there are 78 marijuana plants in the back seat, making sure that her car had a valid state inspection sticker, unlike Tracy Pioggia, in Hampden, Mass., in October.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Torvald Alexander, 39, was able to chase away the unlucky home invader who hit his apartment on Dec. 31 in Edinburgh, Scotland, according to a BBC News report. The two men inadvertently came face to face just as Alexander was preparing to leave for a New Year's party, dressed in full regalia as Thor, the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder. Alexander said the burglar took one look at him, turned and climbed hurriedly out a window, sliding down a sloped roof and landing on the ground, where he took off running.

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