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Directed by and starring George Clooney, the Twenties-set "Leatherheads" tries to adopt many of the herky-jerky mannerisms and pacing of screwball movies from that period and misses the mark. It stacks on too much "relevant" commentary, and Clooney seems to think that screwball humor and self-indulgent hamming are the same thing.

Clooney is Dodge Connelly, an over-the-hill pro football player whose team, the Duluth Bulldogs, finds itself at a sudden end when its next matchup is canceled. If the guys can't play, they can't make money to get to the next game, and so on. Enter Carter "The Bullet" Rutherford (John Krasinski, TV's "The Office"), a Princeton football hotshot and World War I hero. The press and public have fallen in love with him, so Connelly recruits him. But a tip from one of Rutherford's former service buddies has sent Lexie Littleton (Ren


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