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Legislators caved to drug companies



I wish I had the time and knowledge to research how much profit drug companies make off of pseudoephedrine and what the impact would be if it were by prescription only. There are many over-the-counter medications without pseudoephedrine that do not contribute to methamphetamine addiction and production, but you valued the rights of the pharmaceutical companies to continue “business as usual” over the taxpayers’ rights who elected you.

Those taxpayers bear the burden of methamphetamine addiction and production, not the pharmaceutical companies. Someday there will be lawsuits against that industry just like we had against the tobacco companies, but until then we will continue to see lives ruined, neighborhoods destroyed and families ripped apart.

I’ll bet you $100 that if it were determined a woman using pseudoephedrine in her first trimester of pregnancy would miscarry, the law to make that drug prescription-only would have passed without a hitch. But being pro-life is only used when it’s convenient for your agendas, right?

Nancy Roche

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