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I say R.E.M. because of the little tinge of country that affects that band’s tunes (and subsequently Lemma’s), and the fact that singer Aaron Newman does a terrific Michael Stipe impression when he wants to. “Nothing Is Set” is a tribute to “The One I Love,” with Newman giving a dead ringer of a performance.

The group does well pacing this collection of songs, with up-tempo snare play on “Broken Down,” an even speedier, more playful rhythm that keeps “Billy the Kid and a Camel”’s story going, and the slower, acoustic number “We Hope It Won’t Be Long.”

“In Dreams” is a longing, lilting country ballad immediately followed by the chugging rocker “Embrace,” wherein the narrator wakes up to grab hold of the girl he loves.

Followed soon by “Persia,” the last songs combine to form a nice little three-act with a happy ending, marked by a Blake Lennon guitar solo.

“Lemma” is considerably more thought-out and lyrically engaging than what most any other bar band around town is currently capable. Look for these dudes to keep recording interesting tunes. —Matt Carney

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