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Lemma - Long Way Home



Oklahoma City four-piece Lemma recently released "Long Way Home," a collection of seven mostly down-tempo rock tracks.


"Long Way Home" is the first full-length release from the band, which coalesced from other projects in 2004. The musicianship on the new album is clearly evident, especially so in growling bass lines delivered by Luke Mullenix and melodic guitar work by Blake Lennon, which easily snap though snazzy time signature changes in "While Walking in Their Shoes."


Low-key songs like "Persia" and the jazzy, saxophone-laden, Jack Johnson-esque title track, while likable and well-executed musically, are boring album additions, although they might make for a pleasant live listen.


Vocalist Aaron Newman brings dead-on pitch and effortless melodic range, sweeping between his signature laid-back delivery and fragile high notes that ring and resonate althrough every song on "Long Way Home."


The tinny and ambient "Jade" is one of the most interesting songs on "Long Way Home," and would make for a great last-call bar dirge, with plodding, purposeful, cymbal bell-accented drums, sax and falsetto backup vocals.


"The Good Life," which is brisker and more lighthearted, with perky pianos and tasteful timekeeping from drummer Jeff Wesner, which eventually gives way to peppy steel pan drums. Songs like "The Good Life" could easily find a home on the stereo of any college music fan.


Hopefully, "Long Way Home" is just the beginning of a long road of Lemma releases.


"?Joe Wertz

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