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Lest ye be judged



Credit: Brad Gregg

The rankings came from the Oklahoma Civil Justice Council, a partnership between the State Chamber, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

The State Chamber has said in the past that it planned to rank judges, who are re-elected on retention ballots, and released a ranking of state Supreme Court justices in September.

Because, really, what’s the challenge in controlling only two-thirds of state government?

Fred Morgan, president and CEO of the State Chamber, said it was “vitally important” for Oklahomans to have sufficient info on how the judges ruled on specific cases.

cases used to formulate the rankings involved employment, insurance,
medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and various liability issues.

not to be outdone, the Oklahoma Bar Association rolled out its own
website,, devoted to what a news release pointedly called
“nonpartisan and non-politically motivated” information on sitting

Hooray for democracy!

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