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Let's twist again



It's been a while since Oklahoma hosted a big Hollywood special-effects extravaganza. Like, since 1996's "Twister." (Jessica Alba's rear doesn't count.) Isn't it high time for some "Twister 2"?

The answer is "hells, yeah" if you ask Bill Paxton, who starred alongside Helen Hunt and computer-created clouds of swirling wind " twisting, one might say " in the Steven Spielberg-produced actioner. Seeing as how Paxton's old buddy James Cameron is cleaning up with the 3-D "Avatar," the actor wants to resurrect "Twister" in three dimensions.

Paxton told Empire magazine he's already had a studio meeting about the proposed sequel.
"I always thought the first 'Twister' was an exciting ride," he told the mag, "but I thought a sequel could explore it in a more enthralling way, getting into more of the history and the lore, more of a darker version of the first one."

History? Lore? Does he mean, like, when tornadoes were invented?

"That would need Steven Spielberg's blessing, ultimately, and they probably won't take it to him 'til there's real studio interest," Paxton said, "but I think the 3-D applications of that could obviously be pretty amazing."

Agreed! Just think of it: Flying cows, Philip Seymour Hoffman's belly thrust forward at your face, some dirt, maybe some wood chips and splinters, and ... um ... more flying cows.

That's all fine and good, Bill. We'd be glad to have you back in the state. But please leave Helen at home this time.

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