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Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2014



Tax woes?

Again the call for tax cuts goes out.

I wrote a letter to Oklahoma Gazette years ago comparing those who call for tax cuts while wanting state and social services to people who would go to a pot luck dinner wanting to eat ham, potatoes and homemade rolls while only taking Oreos or a couple packets of Kool-Aid.

Taxes are an investment in our society/state/nation.

Taxes are an investment in our future, our children’s future and our old age.

I teach at Rose State College, and I constantly hear the lament about higher tuition costs. When our state appropriations go down, our tuition goes up; it is that simple. Education, at any level, needs to include certain and research centers cost money. Professional faculty costs money.

If the state isn’t helping to cover those costs, the only other source of funding schools have is tuition.

The Oreo-takers will say that they shouldn’t have to pay for something they don’t use. If they don’t go to school, if they don’t have school-age children, why should they pay taxes that go toward education?

Because almost every job you will ever have or want to have will come from someone who got an education training. or Because every object you use, road you drive on and service you depend on comes from someone who got an education or training. The person bringing you back to life, whether an EMT or a surgeon, got an education or training.

In a 21st-century, technological, modern civilization, taxes are how we make our world a better place for everyone, not just the few who can pay by the service.

— Howard Koerth

Oklahoma City

OU hockey for the score

When I was a student at the University of Oklahoma, I wanted nothing to do with OU sports. I remember the “Bootlegger’s Boy” days of Charles Thompson, Bernard Hall, Nigel Clay and NCAA sanctions. While I may have been somewhat shortsighted, to me, that represented OU sports.

In the last few years, however, I’ve discovered a secret: OU hockey.

This winter, after a game, the team hosted a “Skate with the Sooners” event that my wife and I participated in. What I saw was remarkable. I saw Steven Behm help at least three people to their feet who had fallen. I saw Bryce Johnson skating while cradling a puppy. I had a fine conversation with Derek Tylka and Nick Holmes, after which they thanked me and my wife several times for taking the time to attend the game. The pleasure was ours.

Not only are the games fast, hard- hitting and everything you’d expect from a top-tier program, they are also cheaper than a movie. My thanks to the players and coaching staff for another great season. Unfortunately, one of these days, folks may get wind of what a great thing we have and our choices of prime rinkside seats may begin to dwindle.

— Scott Carmack


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