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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 12, 2015



We’re home

Adam Soltani’s comments relating to Muslim pride in their U.S. citizenship (Opinion, Commentary, “Embracing our Muslim community,” July 29, Oklahoma Gazette) and being Oklahomans should be noted as inspirational and embraced by all of us who enjoy our residence here in this state.

Yes, there are vile, murderous Muslims in parts of the world. These terrorists are operating in violation of their own Quran. Those of us that enjoy our freedoms as U.S. citizens — such as Adam and his fellow Muslims and non-Muslims — must be respected and guarded. Never have I heard a Muslim in this country relate to himself as a Muslim American, but only “I am an American.”

Myself, like many others who have evolved from parents that migrated from various countries and practice different religious beliefs, do not wear our differences on our sleeves in hopes of preferential treatment. We share our U.S. citizenship with pride, just like our Muslim brethren.

— Jack A. Milavic Edmond

Speak up

Recently, the Supreme Court decided the question of same-sex marriage and said all states have to recognize marriages from other states and also allow same-sex couples to marry here. We have heard little from the babbling bunch in state government in OKC, which is a surprise and makes one wonder what they are up to as far as trying to circumvent the decision.

Also, as the ink dried on the ACA decision, big-hearted Mary came out with what I consider to be one of her more ridiculous statements by saying only the “free market” — run by insurance companies — could serve Oklahoma citizens properly and give them the health care they needed. She also said the ACA hurt Oklahoma citizens, but to the moment, she and the rest of the pack of Republicans here have said little.

Another thing I wonder: When is Scott Pruitt going to waste millions more in lawsuits against the federal government that he cannot win? Well, hang in there, friends and neighbors; I am sure something sneaky is afoot in our Capitol.

— Ron Hill Macomb

Race relations

Yep, racism is alive and well.

In utter shock (Not really. It’s pretty common, unfortunately.), I don’t know how to respond to Gary’s letter (Opinion, Letters to the Editor, “Native children,” July 22, Gazette) other than to say it is of the ignorant and racist variety. The term “Indian giver” was never aimed at Indians; rather, the white folks who made promises to such and then took them back. I would think that is common knowledge.

Can you imagine the uproar if a white person was to say, “Well, thank gawd that little white baby won’t be sent off to some black family or, heaven forbid, some Indian”?! Abuse certainly isn’t isolated to one race or creed.

It shouldn’t have to be said that the only goal should be a healthy environment for our children. But I’m just a white boy, so what do I know?

— Doug Rixmann Newalla

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